Motorsport Harness Fitting

Fitting a harness to your roll cage

While searching our suppliers website (TRS Harnesses) I came across this great guide to correctly wrapping harnesses around your roll cage rather than using eyebolts and buckles. Aside from the obvious weight saving there are other advantages such as a better harness angle for safer installations…

Weight Saving:

By wrapping the shoulder straps around the roll cage the driver can quickly reduce the weight of the car by two snap hooks, two eyebolts and two backing plates. This combined weight saving is 0.568 Kg per harness, or 1.136Kg if you are in a rally car and have two harnesses.

The weight saving can be further increased if you can also wrap around the roll cage on the crutch strap anchorages too. Potentially on a 6pt harness by wrapping around the roll cage on the shoulder straps and on the crutch straps you could save 1.136Kg per harness or 2.272Kg for a driver and a co-driver.

Lets add all these weight savings up for a typical 6pt saloon / rally car harness. 1.136Kg saving on the hardware and 0.17Kg on webbing. That is 1.3Kg per harness, or 2.6Kg in rally cars who have a driver and co driver.


When wrapping harnesses around the roll cage there are several safety considerations to be aware of.

Always make sure that the webbing passes smoothly through the seat opening and is not chaffing on any seat mounts or sharp edges. Sharp edges can cause the webbing to abrade or cut. Always make sure that the 3 bar slide is as close to the harness bar as possible. This is important because a loose 3 bar slide can cause slippage. When wrapping around the roll cage always make sure that you remember the final locking loop. For a pictorial explanation of how to correctly thread up, please click this link. Once you have done the final locking loop make sure that you have at least 10-15cm of web as a tail. Excess webbing can either be neatly rolled up and cable tied out of the way or cut short at the TRS factory at point of order.

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